Software development is craftsmanship and art.

From business ideas to software products:
we take care of the complete lifecycle.

About us


We work with lean and agile (worldwide distributed) teams and departments throughout the entire project lifecycle including leading, coaching and mentoring to deliver the IT for new business ideas.

Making organisations or even teams more agile is hard yet necessary. We help you to 

  • enhance the efficiency of the software product development.
  • transform organisations from traditional ways of working to Lean/Agile.
  • introduce agile approaches and/or avoid expensive mistakes.

Software development

Our very skilled consultant and expert in Java/Scala/.NET will support your company as team leads, architects, coaches or plain development.

We have very good knowledge in distributed high-volume, low-latency business critical systems and solid experience in the architecture, design and implementation of enterprise server, distributed and multi-threaded applications.

Our experts are very good in communication, taking responsibility and leading/inspiring others to fulfill common objectives together.

We love to combine business requirements and strategies with efficient software development and technology skills to deliver actual solutions on time.

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Our consultants are active in various technology stacks based on our client’s needs. We help our clients to do their work in the most efficient way and with the optimal resul  for their requirements. You should focus on creating business values rather than dealing with technical issues of your environment. Have a look at our excerpt of technologies/methodologies and let us help you by Coaching, Training or mentoring your teams or by taking part in your software development.

Excerpt of technologies/methodologies

  • Languages: Java, Scala, .NET, Python, Perl
  • Technologies: JEE/EJB, Spring, Akka, Client/Server development, Web Services (SOAP, RESTful), CORBA, IIOP, RMI 
  • Database: various frameworks/products including various RDBMS, Oracle PL/SQL, MS SQL, O/R Mapping, Hibernate, NoDB, Big Data
  • Messaging: various frameworks including Active MQ, JMS, Tibco, Akka, CORBA)
  • Web: various frameworks like JSF, Struts, jQuery, AngularJS, node.js 
  • Testing: various frameworks including JUnit, NUnit, Mockito, TDD, BDD
  • Build tools/continous integration: various frameworks/products including Ant, Maven, Ivy, Gradle, Jenkins/Hudson, Gerrit
  • Concurrency: Low latency/Performance optimization, Multi-threading
  • Lean/Agile: Scum, Scaled agile, Kanban

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We feel the need to share knowledge and listen to experiences of others. Therefore  we follow and take part of several conferences as organizers, speakers or just interested followers. We especially support the these conferences:

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To find out more about our services and international opportunities, please contact us on:

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